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Editor's Note

Photo credit: Paul Jens Adolphsen At long last Issue 2 has arrived, Thanksgiving is upon us, and there is, if we may say so, a wealth of pleasures to be found in these pages, from the quiet sadness of Julie Brooks Barbour's poems to Christopher Linforth's meditation on the materials of the writer to Patrick Benjamin's swirling "U.S. Uppercut"--and much more.

In this issue you'll find work originating from beautiful Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles, Michigan's mainland and Upper Peninsula, Perkins, Oklahoma in red dirt country, as well as Lexington, Virginia and Baltimore, MD.

Our photographer for this issue is the wonderful Paul Adolphsen (who is a dramaturg, writer, and sometimes photographer from Seattle, WA. He is currently an MFA student in dramaturgy at UMass Amherst, where he studies South African theatre, theories of theatrical adaptation, and methods of new play development).

Thanks for finding us. In a world that features no shortage of online media and in literary magazines in particular, we hope that you'll find your visit worthwhile.

Winter is finally making its move here in Stillwater, Oklahoma--stay warm, everybody!

Nathan Knapp & James Brubaker, November 2013.


The Bodies of Our Loved Ones are Decaying in Space by Andrew Keating

Episode 3 - Julie Brooks Barbour