Self Portrait @the Jackson Hole Airport 

by Kamden Hilliard

                           after The Laramie Project

Macin’ my face in the                 MEN’S     mite solv
the problem of open access   Solution?: Doom
Peace? Hate the word & instead force pain      Lyk
i’ll still do me      a nargl’d nubilty 2 pour 4      or
pliant narrative 2 pull from ditchdom              "I mean,
basically what it boils down 2: "Eff I don’t tell yu
I’m a fag, yu won’t beat the crap out of me"   So
what want gud American        violence? Not *my*
tax deductible fagfrag       butta dongle Doohickey
4 glazed dysphoric diaspirations          My grief
is MSG free     It on     the adollarable menu It is
y i don’t facepeel messy but present 4 the tap dance
Ground bone 4 my tonal concerns   On brand Band
stand    /in American    just 2 tiptow a homo
salaried petition thru the backgore       I’m pilling up
my say can & used against & court      of aw I’m
piling out of my blooded self 4 national cummembr
ation Public partition of martyrdum: my gender
freakin See me absolve See me bubble See me
sour of healing but still 4 the dream: flite Fruittility


Still Live w Living Thing

by Kamden Hilliard

2 luv           is an act o’ willful rev

            sum trash ass Portlandia shit but lol i swing lo w my fuccin chariot
           fan fic fuzzles my funny bone  r

mm o  & spray cheese? grrl cum thru

           ginuwine is              WAIT4ITA C I D R A I N embarrassing & yummza

          what will get left waning
          is what tends to want me

          opposites attract (w/e) but
          what wen they’re gorgeous
          but want your payment
          tuition submission       another round

          gotta count to your eggs
          b4 blarfing the omelette

         my SAT-ACT-AP-PrEP-HIV SCREENING mayb
         shorter than the zeitsmite

         but i’m not into ethnic cleansing i recycle i can eat a whole sleeve of oreos my poo is generally
         high quality my sister is fat on good black girl magic and fat on muscle to move her safely

         so take that    ytnationalist well of loneliness!

         i know the word
         for happy
         let’s run it again
         i am off book

Kamden Hilliard holds a BA in American Studies and is earning an MFA from the Iowa Writers' Workshop. They've published two chapbooks—Distress Tolerance (Magic Helicopter Press, 2016) and Perceived Distance from Impact (2017, Black Lawrence Press)—with a third forthcoming from Omnidawn in 2018. Kam helps out at Jellyfish Magazine and Big Lucks. Kam has received support from The Davidson Institute, Callaloo, Sarah Lawrence College, The UCROSS Foundation, and The NFAA. Their work can be found in The Black Warrior ReviewSalt Hill, West Branch, and Muzzle. Find Kam on the internet at